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Where to begin?

I've finally succumbed... having actively avoided the pressure to produce (even)more content for the last 9 years, I enter my tenth year of business with a newfound acceptance of this somewhat inevitable duty. So, herewith some regular-ish ramblings for your enjoyment. My wish is that you are entertained, possibly even educated by some behind the scenes chat. All the while, we shall feed the SEO Beast and share some interesting tid bits from the Studio, and the world of interior design.

Goodness, my tenth year! I'm not just going to slip that one out without a little more fanfare. How on earth has time run away with us? Just as my kids have grown from cute little beans into smart young things, so my business has too. Experience has taught me that collaboration is the key, and so, AHI these days is now a small team of incredibly bright designers, working alongside me under the trusted framework of our well documented process. Here we are, looking snazzy in our Rosebery studio.

We're all skipping towards the Christmas break, having had a fabulous year with a number of residential projects all over Sydney underway. Our McMahons Point Terrace is almost complete - we're looking forward to sharing photos early next year. We have current projects in Wahroonga, Turramurra, Strathfield, Pymble and Clontarf.

And with that, I'll keep this short and sweet. Statistically, people delay launching their blog because they don't know what to post first, so, here it is.

As they say perfect is the enemy of done.

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